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Our mission

Putting the WOW! Factor in IT services and delivery!

CloudIT's focus is not to just meet or satisfy an IT need or meet your computing requirements, but to exceed your requirements in service that is second to none.

We do this by revolutionizing the way IT is performed and delivered, focusing on your business or organization, which results in solutions that bring an incredible return on your investment.

Our sole objective is to leave our customers with a liberating feeling with no choice but to say out loud or to yourself ...WOW!


  Here are just a few:
  • Securely access ALL your data and applications from anywhere, anytime, and from any device or computer.
  • Improve the protection of your data with managed cyber security controls like firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption and monitoring.
  • Enhance your image by upgrading to a feature rich/IVR based VOIP phone system hosted in the cloud.
  • Enhance employee collaboration and productivity.
  • Eliminate large IT capital expenditures for hardware, software, and licensing every few years?
  • Discover better ways to do business, better ways to work with ROI by moving from traditional IT headaches to IT as a service in the Cloud with  CLOUDITOFFICE!

Highlight of our Services:

Complete IT outsourcing in the cloud.  IT as a service, VOIP/PBX as a service (Hosted VOIP/PBX)

Cloud Architecture and design, Desktop Virtualization, Thin client computing

Network and Security   Assessments, Architecture and Design, Cloud Security, Firewall and router installation and configuration

Reseller for Citrix, Microsoft, NComputing, Cisco, DELL, Rackspace, Latisys, and more.

Small/Medium Business
Streamlining small and medium business' IT into the cloud and allowing you to focus on your business without the burden of managing your IT infrastructure yourself or waiting on consultants to fix problems; all while reducing IT hardware and software expenditures. Check out our CloudITOffice for the greatest peace of mind and return on your investment.

Are you a school district that is continually affected by budget cuts year after year. We are an authorized Microsoft Education Reseller who can provide you with an entire IT infrastructure and ensure your schools have the latest and greatest computing technology without the worry of upgrades and large capital expenses ever. This includes
all your software, hardware, network, security and printers.


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